No Tear 2

Trick by Andy Dallas
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No Tear 2

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Trick by Andy Dallas ($25.00)

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No Tear 2 - magic

Andy Dallas has made one of the great modern parlor effects and made it EVEN BETTER. VISUAL parlor magic rarely comes about this strong, and this is an IDEAL way to flush out an opener or middle piece in your act. 

The effect is clear and very practical. You remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, from different pockets. Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper. But there is just one problem--just before the restoration you didn't notice one piece flutter to the ground. Therefore, the restored newspaper has a huge hole in the front. No fake pieces, black art, etc. This is a REAL hole. No problem--the performer places the piece in the hole and it INSTANTLY restores itself so you can page through the entire newspaper again. 

What makes this version so practical is that you don't have to prepare the newspaper again and again before each performance. Instead, the reset (which uses magnets) is easy to reset. You can use it over and over again. The potential for comedy is HUGE in two aspects: first, you can read gags from each torn sheet as you bring them out. Second, you have the classic "magician in trouble" moment when you restore the newspaper but "forget" about one piece. Then, like real magic, you restore the last piece in a visual and instant way. 

For the first time ever the DVD teaches step by step exactly how to make No Tear Newspaper 2, in ANY NEWSPAPER, IN ANY COUNTRY, IN THE WORLD, in less than 15 Minutes. Once made, you can reuse the gimmick over and over again. 

Easy to do. Killer magic.


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I perform this trick all the time and people LOVE it! This trick is so easy to perform and it's really good if you write your own jokes for it. I highly recommend this trick to anyone!