Magic by Becker & Earle

Silver Bullet Lite Trick
Silver Bullet Lite
Trick by Becker & Earle - $35.00

The original Silver Bullet has been transformed! You requested it and now it's here - smaller, lighter, and perfectly disguised as a tube of lip balm! Hidden inside a normal-looking ChapStick tube is a diabolically simple and spillproof construction that makes it work better and more easily than...

Final Flashback Trick
Final Flashback
Trick by Becker & Earle - $170.00

This brand new 3-book Final Flashback set achieves the supreme benchmark against which all future book tests will be measured. In Book #1, the time-tested Flashback principle has been upgraded to make it as invisible as a ghost in the night. Yet it's still the fastest and easiest one-word...

Double Vision Trick
Double Vision
Trick by Becker & Earle - $149.50

One Concept, Two Minds, Three Spectacular Climaxes (and a Partridge in a pear tree)! It's the mental miracle that sets the standard against which all others will be compared. Double Vision is a beautifully produced, soft-cover European travel guide, gaffed to high heaven in ways that are only...

Finish Line Trick
Finish Line
Trick by Becker & Earle - $34.97

Spin up this audio CD, pump up the volume, and never touch the CD player again until the race is over! The professional announcer begins calling the action as BMW, Maseratti, and Lotus racers scream around the track. Two participants freely collaborate to select a car & driver from among the...