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Viagra Trick
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $12.00 $9.12 (SAVE $2.88)

For the little guy in your life, Starts working right out of a Bottle! Not ready, no problem...Our "Blue Pills" are extra strength. We could barely fit them in the bottle. Pour the pills out on the bar, table or in your hand and watch the laughter start. Contents:One Pill Bottle with 5 blue pills...

Magic Milk Trick
Magic Milk
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $6.99

Magic Milk is the perfect milk substitute for use in all of your milk effects. It mixes easily on location, requires no refrigeration and is prop-friendly. Cleans up with water and will not go bad when stored for long periods. Use Magic Milk for all of your milk magic. You'll notice the huge...

Professional Rising Wand Trick
Professional Rising Wand
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $12.95

A 14", professional quality wand held in the performer's hand seemingly rises under it's own power, or jumps into the air. If offered to a spectator, it pulls away before (s)he can take hold of it.

Tuscany Twister Trick
Tuscany Twister
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $12.95

Recreated from a series of drawings recovered by archaeologists from an undisclosed site in central Italy, and suspected to have been created by a cousin of Leonardo da Vinci, the Tuscany Twister appears to have originated as an early attempt to develop the world's first ultralight aircraft....

Double Color Changing Silks Trick
Double Color Changing Silks
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $12.95 $9.84 (SAVE $3.11)

A pair of silks are shown and they magically change colors with a single pass of the magician's hand. No reset necessary, easy handling. These are brightly colored, nine inch silks with sewn edges. This would look great up close or on-stage.