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Magic by Clément Kerstenne

F****** Coins DVD
F****** Coins
DVD by Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne - $35.00

In this 2 DVD set you will witness the creative and mind-blowing genius of Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne. These DVDs are packed with highly visual coin magic and in-depth instruction. A must have for every coin worker!!! The Contents : 18 Routines 23...

DVD by Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne - $35.00

After the success of "F#$ing coins" Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard are back again ! The duo pushes rubber band magic to the extreme, adding other elements to their routines such as phones, rings, keys, lighters, pens, plasticine and even spaghetti ! In this eagerly...