Magic by G

The Corner - Volume 2 DVD
The Corner - Volume 2
DVD by G - $29.95

Impromptu Toss Transformation Click Link G Force Borrowed & Link Impromptu Folding Chip Quick Fix Propless Penetration Jumper Rotation Pass Muscular Vanish/Change Egg-Yo Visual Cut Change Psychic Pop Instant Matrix Pearl Change (bonus) ...

The Corner - Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
The Corner - Volumes 1 & 2
DVD by G - Various prices

A two-part DVD set of stunningly visual yet impromptu magic. Available as a DVD or Download set or individually.

V2F 2.0 DVD
V2F 2.0
DVD by G and SM Productionz - $29.95

The original Visual Vanish Fantasy has returned with more crazy stuff on DVD! ?? The most visual card vanish to anywhere! Even the most impossible location you can think of, from your wallet to spectator's shoe, and even inside of a frozen ice or anywhere your imagination can take you! ? Absolutely...

The Corner - Volume 1 DVD
The Corner - Volume 1
DVD by G - $29.95

Deck Production Fire Production Impromptu Straw Split Accessory Flight Shuriken & Machanic Top Shot Visual Drop Change Impromptu Haunted Card Casual Fllick Change Receipt Band Zone Utility Move - Reverse/Change Impromptu Signed Coin Through Case ...