Magic by G&L

Ghost Cabinet Trick
Ghost Cabinet
Trick by G&L - $65.00 $49.40 (SAVE $15.60)

The magician displays a beautiful cabinet and opens the front door of the cabinet to that inside is a small glass and resting on the floor of the chest next to the glass is a ball. The performer closes the front door of the cabinet and then picks it up to show it all around. The chest is set back...

Professional Fountain of Silks Accessory
Professional Fountain of Silks
Accessory by G&L - $95.00 $72.20 (SAVE $22.80)

The G&L Professional Fountain of Silks are known and used by performers all over the world. This is because of the highest quality of all materials that are used in constructing them. They are built here in the United States by G&L. The small bundle can be hidden behind a prop or pulled...

Pro Floating Rose Trick
Pro Floating Rose
Trick by G&L - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

The performer freely displays a beautiful rose, and if desired, the rose can be examined by a spectator. The magician also displays a cloth. The magician now makes the rose float behind the cloth without any visible means of support. Includes: beautiful rose (color of rose may vary) , cloth, and...