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Color Sense Trick
Color Sense
Trick by Luke Jermay - $29.95

One of Luke Jermay's highlight effects is finally available in its newest version. The mentalist/magician take a deck of cards, explaining that they are used during Psychology Tests in order to develop and determine special, hidden abilities. He shows the cards, whose faces are either entirely red...

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Cartomancy (Book) Book
Cartomancy (Book)
Book by Luke Jermay - $99.95

Cartomancy is Jermay's fiercely original solution to answering unwritten questions audience members simply think about. "I just finished reading Cartomancy... it's brilliant. The construction, the script, the thoughts hidden behind, the principles you've assembled... a lot of food for...

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The Story Deck Book
The Story Deck
Book by Luke Jermay - $15.99

The story deck is a classic demonstration in card magic. It has stood the test of time. From the famous Sam The Bellhop (brought to life by Bill Malone's rendition) to story decks from memorized stacks, the plot has become a classic, yet underused idea in magic. Unlike other story...

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