Magic by Silly Billy

David Kaye, who is known around the world and in the magic community as "Silly Billy," has been a professional magician since 1986. In New York, where he performs more than 300 shows each year, he has been recognized as a top children's entertainer by five New York City publications. His TV credits include appearances on Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central and Celebra-cadabra. His client list includes Bruce Springsteen, Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, and the Sultan of Brunei.

He has appeared on the covers of seven international trade magazines and has written monthly columns on Children's Magic for the two leading journals, Genii and MAGIC. His book on his area of expertise, "Seriously Silly," has been called "the Bible of Kids Magic." David has created many products for professional children's magicians and has lectured at clubs and conventions around the world, including Magi-Fest, TAOM, Abbott’s Get-Together, Blackpool, the IBM/SAM Combined Convention and KIDabra.

In 2014, he was honored to accept an award from the Academy of Magical Arts for Performance Fellowship, in recognition of his dedication and influence in the world of magic.

Jumbo Inflatable Wands Trick
Jumbo Inflatable Wands
Trick by Silly Billy - $15.00

The reason that we, at Amazekids, like Silly Billy's Jumbo Inflatable Magic Wands so much is that you can use them in your show and then give them away to the party guests. These are easy-to-inflate, jumbo wands that are 27" long. You inflate them by blowing them up like a balloon, but they are...

Jumbo Inflatable Wands - Silly Billy Trick
Jumbo Inflatable Wands - Silly Billy
Trick by Silly Billy - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

 Easily inflate this jumbo (2 feet x 3 inches) self-sealing magic wand without the need for a pump, and you have a great giveaway for kids shows. Package includes 10 wands and a booklet with Silly Billy's own hilarious routine. Kids love it! Great giveaway item!

Princess in a Pickle Trick
Princess in a Pickle
Trick by Silly Billy and David Kay - $295.00

Princess In A Pickle is the first set of headless silks that are linked to tell a complete story. Not only do you get the advantage of a great photo opportunity for the parents, but the silks tell a classic story of a princess who must decide whom to marry. This is a 6 to 7 minute routine that...