Magic by Vinny DePonto

Icons - Dai Vernon Artwork
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Icons - Dai Vernon
Artwork by Vinny DePonto - $75.00

Dai Vernon (1894-1992) is often referred to as the most influential magician of the second half of the twentieth century (Houdini being the most...

Icons - Cardini  Artwork
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Icons - Cardini
Artwork by Vinny DePonto - $75.00

Cardini (1895-1973) was born Richard Valentine Pitchford in the UK. While serving in World War I, Pitchford practiced sleight-of-hand while on duty...

Icons - René Lavand Artwork
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Icons - René Lavand
Artwork by Vinny DePonto - $75.00

René Lavand (1928-2015) was an Argentinian magician who fused narrative, poetry, and magic like nobody before (or since). His poetic style of magic...

Icons Artwork
Artwork by Vinny DePonto - $75.00 each

Pricing is for full set. See below for individual pricing. Vanishing Inc. Wonders is pleased to announce the release of Vinny DePonto’s “Icons,” an...