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MAGIC: The Complete Course Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive MAGIC: The Complete Course
Book by Joshua Jay - $25.00

We all got into magic in different ways and for different reasons. And when we reflect back on our paths to magic, it’s easy to second-guess what we should started with, or what we could have done differently. There’s that voice in all of us that echoes, If I could go back then, knowing what I...

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The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set
Accessory by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay - $150.00

When Vanishing Inc. Magic set out to design its first deck of signature brand playing cards, we had one specific goal in mind: to create the most fashion-forward, subtle, and sophisticated "look" for a deck of cards yet devised. The result is the Dapper Deck Deluxe package, which is an attractive...

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Session & Five Forty Seven Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Session & Five Forty Seven
Book by Joshua Jay - Various prices

Joel Givens is not a household name in magic, but his creations have been touted in magic’s underground for years. In 2007 I wrote the first and only collection of his work, Session, and I was both pleased and flattered by the reception it garnered.  Universally praised by critics and...

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Methods in Magic: Joshua Jay Live in the UK DVD
Methods in Magic: Joshua Jay Live in the UK
DVD by Joshua Jay - $29.95

Joshua Jay has taken this lecture all over the world, and now he brings it to your living room! If you have never seen Joshua lecture live, it is unlike any lecture you have ever seen: interactive, fast-paced, theoretical, and packed with clever magic you will use. If you have seen Joshua lecture before, there is STILL tons of content you’ve never seen here.

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Vegas Visit Trick
Vegas Visit
Trick by Joshua Jay - $25.00

It’s finally here! “Vegas Visit” is an hilarious, amazing Six Card Repeat with credit cards. This effect fits into your wallet, yet you can use it for audiences as small as one or as large as a thousand! How many 25-dollar effects can go directly into your PARLOR REPERTOIRE? From Joshua Jay:...

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Live Lecture DVD Set - October 2014 DVD
Live Lecture DVD Set - October 2014
DVD by Joshua Jay, Caleb Wiles, John Archer, Nicholas Einhorn and Mark Calabrese - $34.95

Five great reasons to have October's live lectures on DVD: John Archer, Joshua Jay, Caleb Wiles, Nick Einhorn, AND Mark Calabrese! John Archer is a stand-up comedy magician from the UK. He was officially the first person to fool Penn & Teller on the UK series 'Fool Us'. If he...

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Cardfolio Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Cardfolio
Accessory by Joshua Jay - $25.00

Announcing the next great idea in magic…yours.  Every great magician did it. Every book tells you to do it. Take notes. Write it down. Document your ideas. But ideas come at the strangest times: in the middle of a movie, during conversation, at lunch—none of your ideas...

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Magic Atlas Book
Magic Atlas
Book by Joshua Jay - $35.00

When Joshua Jay first came onto the scene, he wrote and published this book. The layout is corny, and he didn't have the writing experience he has now, yet the book is full of whimsical, strange plots and creative ideas. Joshua Jay's, Magic Atlas is a map guiding you through the...

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The Complete Magician Kit Trick
The Complete Magician Kit
Trick by Joshua Jay - $39.95

Give the gift of magic. The gift of performing a trick that leads to oohs and ahhs. Of learning a new sleight of hand and dazzling your dinner guests. Of adding fun to parties, delighting coworkers, completely bowling over your friends. Combining a book, instructional DVD, five great props, and a...

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Side Show Trick
Side Show
Trick by Joshua Jay - $10.00

Question: Is it possible for a playing card to have no sides? Answer: It is in "Side Show! In "Side Show," the magician displays what appears to be normal, two-sided playing cards. However, the cards are then magically revealed to contain four sides. three sides, two...

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Overlap refill Accessory
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Overlap refill
Accessory by Joshua Jay - $10.00

This is a refill pack for Joshua Jay's Overlap.

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Joshua Jay Live Lecture 2 DVD DVD
Joshua Jay Live Lecture 2 DVD
DVD by Joshua Jay - $9.95

Joshua Jay's highly anticipated SECOND At the Table Lecture is now here. You'll see "Signs" explained for the first time ever, a brand new color change you can do at chest height, and a deep discussion of his his trick "Out of Sight," that fooled Penn and Teller.  You've seen him on...

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Extra Credit Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Extra Credit
Trick by Joshua Jay - $25.00

A smart yet hilarious collection of gag photos and cards that guarantee laughs from any audience. Mixed in with your legitimate wallet photos, these can provide you with an instant comedy routine as you “show” your prized photos. This routine not only provides you with laughs but creates an opportunity to connect with the audience in a fun and personal way.

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Split Decision DVD & props
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Split Decision
DVD & props by Joshua Jay - $20.00

Any trick where you leave the spectator with a souvenir is great. And any souvenir that is an IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT is even better. “Split Decision” is just such a trick.  The inspiration behind the trick came from a common problem for any card magician. A spectator misremembered her chosen...

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Session Deluxe Edition Book
Session Deluxe Edition
Book by Joshua Jay - $100.00

DELUXE EDITION (only while our small supply lasts…once gone there will be no more): This is a beautiful deluxe, slipcase edition of Session, on high-gloss paper with gold foil stamping on the front. Comes with slipcase and the entire Five-Forty-Seven BOUND INTO Session. So...

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Close up. Up Close DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Close up. Up Close
DVD by Joshua Jay - $34.95 each

This was my first DVD set, and I have lots of fond memories of its filming. I wanted the set to be a comprehensive examination of my material and not just a collection of tricks and explanations. So in addition to more than 50 tricks performed and explained, we have also included lengthy clips from...

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