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Magnetic Cards Accessory
Magnetic Cards
Accessory by Chazpro Magic - $10.00

2 Poker-size Bicycle Rider Back Magnetic Cards per package.Each magnetic card contains a very powerful, yet extremely thin Neodymium magnet, capable of holding heavy loads like steel core half dollars, steel core quarters, etc. This magnetic card is an expertly crafted double card that can be...

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1" Magnetic Crochet Ball
Accessory - $10.83

A single magnetic 1" red crochet ball.

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Magnetic Card (Double Backed) Accessory
Magnetic Card (Double Backed)
Accessory by Chazpro Magic - $9.95

Many amazing effects can be accomplished with magnetic cards. Effects like: penetrations, coin matrix, mentalism and a haunted deck. Double back magnetic cards can easily be switched in and out of play, using a regular deck of cards and a double lift. Key Selling...

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