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The Complete Card Manipulation Set DVD
The Complete Card Manipulation Set
DVD by Vernet - $40.00

This is a fantastic starting point if you are looking to learn more about card manipulation. As well as over an hour of detailed explanations, you also recive two decks of cards. Each deck serves a specific purpose and you are taught how to use them both on the DVD. The 2 special decks with four...

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Manipulation Cards Deck of cards
Manipulation Cards
Deck of cards by Trevor Duffy - $12.00

Imported from South Africa, our goal was to produce simply the best manipulation cards available. These cards combine all the neccessary requirements for manipulation into one deck. Flesh Colored Back All Around Super Thin Stock Excellent Quality Finish, No Need for Fanning Powder Four Indices,...

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Flesh Colored Putty Accessory
Flesh Colored Putty
Accessory by Dexter - $6.25

As seen on Michael Ammar's "Easy to Master Thread Miracles" videos, this is great Flesh Colored Putty used to secure the ends of thread.Note: Color of putty is a light gray instead of pink - See alternate picture.The plastic box size is 1.5" in diameter and .75" tall.

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