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Fanning & Manipulation Cards  Accessory
Fanning & Manipulation Cards
Accessory by Vernet - $12.00

As J.N. Hilliard said, "card fanning is the latest decorative feature in magic". Vernet Magic is very proud to presents its "Fanning and Manipulation Cards". These cards were originally design by Vernet and allow you to perform beautiful card fanning and productions. Each card has brilliant colors...

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BLADES Silver 2nd Edition Deck Deck of cards
BLADES Silver 2nd Edition Deck
Deck of cards by LLC Handlordz - $12.00

We sold out of the first run of "Silver Edition" Blades in just over 2 weeks. Because of the huge demand, De'vo decided to make this second and final run. This second run has double black ink and special measures to help protect the edges of the deck better than the first run. There is a new...

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Yu Ho Jin Manipulation Cards Trick
Yu Ho Jin Manipulation Cards
Trick by Yu Ho Jin - $29.95

Yu Ho Jin is an expert at manipulation and his stage act is one of the most memorable that we have ever seen. He knows what details matter and these cards were designed to his exacting specifications. We'll let him explain; "As a card manipulator, I have always felt the need for my own manipulation...

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