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Magic download (video) by Luke Jermay
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Luke Jermay Masterclass

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Magic download (video) by Luke Jermay ($75.00)

A massive more than 7-hour download from one of the most respected minds in mentalism. The "Luke Jermay Masterclass" is a must-watch for any mentalist or any magician that wants to gain a better understanding of how to create truly powerful experiences your audience will never forget.

Luke Jermay is a creative force. He has consulted for some of the biggest names in magic, and has appeared on the biggest stages all over the world with his mind reading show.

Luke is also considered one of the finest teachers in our industry, with a knowledge base that is as wide as it is deep. Which is why it was such a treat to welcome him as a lecturer in our Vanishing Inc. Masterclass series. If you weren't a Vanishing Inc. Monthly subscriber at the time, and didn't have a chance to attend live, you can now enjoy it all as part of an amazing three-part download.

Most of Luke's published work has often focused on large-scale mentalism designed for big theaters. However, this Masterclass is a real treat, as Luke takes a deep-dive into material and a line of thinking that can be applied to smaller performances. You'll learn a host of mentalism routines that can be done informally, or for small groups, even friends and family.

Each session features an approximately one hour lecture followed by a guided Q&A session.

Session One: Making a Miracle
Luke Jermay teaches his own approach to performing mentalism in a casual close up setting, such as with a group of people in a restaurant. He discusses in-depth how to transform a simple moment of magic and mentalism into an unforgettable miracle experience. The type of story people cannot wait to share with others. This is not theoretical stuff, but rather a deep analysis on how Luke approaches these situations in his own career.

Session Two: Making A Myth
Jermay shares a radical approach to performing mentalism in a casual setting that aims to produce a myth of mystery and impossibility around the performer. The best thing is this approach never places the performer in the position of “performing". Instead, these are demonstrations that occur spontaneously.

These are the perfect demonstrations to perform when you need to impress a reporter, potential client or just want to produce the feeling that you posses strange and unusual powers without people feeling like you are in “Performing Mode.” Things like paying the check with blank paper, memorizing the internet and at a distance star sign reveals.

Session Three: Making Real Magic
Jermay brings all of the sessions together by sharing and analyzing his personal pendulum routine. If he could only perform one trick for the rest of his life, this is the one he'd choose. Blending amazing phenomena in the hands of the spectators with personal readings, this is like a mini show that fits in your pocket.

Included with your download of the "Luke Jermay Masterclass" is an open and honest 2+ hour Q&A Zoom session and a set of “course notes” with further reading suggestions, additional tips on the material taught and a short essay on each of the main topics.


Community questions about Luke Jermay Masterclass

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  • Cory asks: Are you able to view after the lecture has taken place?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, your subscription entitles you to a recording, which will appear in your account a day or so after then live class.
  • Robert asks: will you be able to download the masterclass.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. All Masterclass Lives will be downloadable shortly after they have aired.
  • Jhj asks: It appears a lot of this is just theory. Does Luke teach any methods behind tricks, and have they been published before?

    • 1. Dottore answers: There will be a mixture of theories and methods and old and new.
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  • Daniel asks: At what time(s) will the lectures happen?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 4pm NYC time
  • Mark asks: Will the follow up Zoom also become available as a download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes.
  • Dennis asks: I purchased Luke Jermay masterclass in june but have not received any information. Do I go to my downloads section or to master class section ? Do I use my password or should one have been sent to me ?.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The link to the Masterclass will be in your account area in the hours leading up to the event. You should also receive an email when the link becomes available.
  • Vicente asks: I missed out on the lectures when they came out, I want to purchase this and I see some PDFs were included. Will they be provided when you purchase lecture with along with the downloads?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes. They will get added to your account.
  • Alvaro asks: If I have to choose only one, which one do you recommend? a)Jermay's Mind or b)Masterclass

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That's a very tough question because it's based on a matter of opinion. I would say Jermay's Mind.
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Customer reviews for Luke Jermay Masterclass



Luke's first class, in which he talks about his theories on magic performance, should be mandatory viewing for everyone. That one class is worth the cost of all of the sessions. I have never heard someone express what is great about magic - and what is wrong about magic - with such clarity. This is truly a brilliant lecture by a brilliant thinker, and I highly recommend this Master Class.



Wow! What a class!! It was an honour to hear Luke's thoughts on various aspects of Mentalism. This Masterclass goes deep! As well as some tricks, advice and mentoring in mentalism and performing in social settings, and knowing your 'why' in magic - there were also some great concepts being introduced that wouldn't have even entered my mind to look for. You get workbooks and questions to complete and by doing so, you find yourself with greater clarity in finding and projecting your identity and possibly finding the road to purpose behind your passion in magic too.



There is amazing, real world advice and effects here. If you aren't a fan of theory, taking your magic seriously, or improving your professional and casual performances, then stay away.

This will make you a stronger thinker, performer, and creator. The work books are insightful and useful, while remaining deeply profound and enlightening.

You might not agree with everything here, but that's ok. It's good to have your thoughts and ideas challenged. Good magic, good theory and good education does that. This is all three.



A very big thank you to Luke Jermay for theses sessions. I learned a lot and his thinking has sparked a re-think of my character.

I came to this Masterclass not knowing what to expect, and have left enlightened.

(I will have to watch the last hour of the Zoom call again as a very long day caught up with me...glad it was recorded.)



What an unexpected discovery, Luke theory was a revelation to me, he open so many possibility, and made me review a lot of my magic, my intention.......after a great course with Asi Wind the month before,...Vanishing inc did it again, I can't wait for outstanding magician coming up, well done Vanishing inc. Patricia Magicia



There is no doubt that Luke is a true Master of his art - and the class had class. What more can you ask for in a Masterclass. Deep, original, thought provoking and backed up with a lot of useful material. You may not agree with everything Luke puts forward. But this is besides the point. He makes you look at our art from a different angle. Luke offers a unique combination of his encyclopedic knowledge of his art - which he is more than willing to share - with a truly original line of thinking around performing mystery art. Highly inspiring and highly recommended.



The next level of magick ! This masterclass has made me work on myself as a performer and as a person, is changing my vision of magic forever.
Thanks Luke! Thanks Vanishing inc!



This was my first entry in the masterclass series and between the community and direct interactivity and surprise little benefits of everything in between -- I regret not signing up for the first installment with Asi and would have to recommend the whole series to any magician of any level of any sub-genre of magic.

If you're a mentalist, the whole series and community engagement will be absolutely invaluable to you.

If you're a card magician, this set will have plenty for you to explore.

My favorite part of the whole set here is his Tangible Thought routine PDF and Pendulum routine -- it displays true magic without any bits of deception or misdirection, and shows that the real magic lies in the spoken word and theatre of the some routines.

I just finished up Blake Vogt's set, and even though I do not plan on constructing gimmicks any time soon-- I still watched and followed just to see if there was anything to gain... Surprise (not surprise) I was engaged the whole way through and gained a ton.

During this pandemic, I had to drop my $50 gym membership... This is my new lifetime Gym Membership.



Groundbreaking strong!



Who is your favorite magician and why is it Luke Jermay!? Best lecture I've ever purchased and I've only watched part 1 of 3. Don't sleep on this one.







Fantastic! Amazing! Life changing!



insightful, new ideas to think about thank you



Luke Jermay class was amazing.. Its worth every penny..



Bought this after-the-fact and wasn't disappointed. It wasn't exactly what I expected - if you're hoping for 3 hours of walk-around tricks, this isn't that. But, the approach to using somewhat "simple" methods within a complex framework really takes things to the next level. The concepts here can be applied across both magic and mentalism and actually do a nice job of blurring the lines between. I'll return to this one and re-watch several times, using the workbook exercises and other supplemental materials.



YES I find Luke Jermay work super interesting. Slowly purchasing all his staff, having said that I'm not sure how relevant it is if your a new magician. I'm new, so sometime I think what he is saying might be more relevant to more experience magician.

Having said that this review just jumped up after watching Part1 maybe once I watch Part2 I might think it's more relevant to new magician. I don't know yet. For now I am going to continue to research Luke.





Absolutely superb MasterClass! I have been going through it all again and there is so much depth and wisdom in here. like the ancient alcemists, Luke knows how to make pure gold out of the magical arts. Higly recommended if you take this art seriously.



It is indeed an excellent Masterclass with some time between watching it. It helped me to make my own tools and a full mindreading performance that even hits magicians, and I am just starting in mentalism. Each time I watch the sessions, I find new gems and insights.
Don't buy it when you are looking for a quick trick or an awesome visual. If you want to be inspired and learn elements that you can use in your own creations, don't hesitate and go for it.