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Live lecture by Pete McCabe
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Pete McCabe Masterclass

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Live lecture by Pete McCabe ($75.00)

Every magician eventually has to face the tough-to-swallow reality that learning more magic tricks doesn’t make you a better magician. To truly create an unforgettable experience for your audience, you must recognize that what you say is just as important, if not more important, than what you do.

Nobody knows this better than Pete McCabe. His Scripting Magic series features two of the most transformative magic books ever written. We’re so thrilled to welcome Pete in for a must-watch Vanishing Inc. Masterclass for any magician that wants to improve their overall performance.

This one-of-a-kind, interactive experience is designed to help you make every trick you do better by harnessing the power of scripting. It has been carefully developed to offer value for magicians of all skill levels from scripting veterans to those who have never scripted a magic trick in their life.

Over three weeks of lessons, Pete will expand upon the core concepts of Scripting Magic while also offering real-world examples for the first time on video and sharing new details that have never been shared with a mass audience before. He will also provide specially-made creative exercises that allow you to put your new skills into action and will host our most unique Zoom Q&A ever. You are guaranteed to walk away from this Masterclass a better magician.

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Class 1 - October 2, 2022

Class 1 offers an exclusive look at the highly-regarded “Scripting Magic” workshop that Pete has presented at conventions and clubs for over 15 years. He’ll then share some real-world examples, including, for the first time ever on video, teaching some of his own tricks to show the power of scripting.

Pete will also answer five of the most frequently asked questions about scripting magic before sending everyone home with the challenge to script one of their own tricks. Armed with these new tools, you’ll quickly learn it’s easier to script magic than you ever thought.

Class 2 - October 9, 2022

Bring your first draft to Class 2 because you’ll be learning how to evolve it using a curated selection of the most important advanced techniques from the Scripting Magic series. This includes some new information that has only ever been presented to a close group of friends. Pete will also share some more scripting examples and tricks, and answer the other most frequently asked questions.

Class 3 - October 16, 2022

Join Pete live during Class 3 for the most unique Zoom Q&A session ever offered in the Masterclass program. Magicians that attend live will have the chance to share the results of their creative exercise and workshop it live by asking Pete any scripting question they have. You not only get this one-on-one session with a master of his craft, but will learn a ton from watching other magicians work through their own material.

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  • Dave asks: How different will this be from his session at Magifest in January?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Lecture one will be similar to the MF session but longer, the second lecture will be much deeper, plus you'll then also get the live Q&A where you can interact and ask Pete anything. Hope that helps clarify.
  • Murray asks: Will these be available on my account to view at a later date once I purchase the lectures?

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, they will be in your account.
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  • Jeff asks: What time are the classes? When do we get the links?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The classes are usually at 4pm EST and the link will be available in your Vanishing Inc. account about an hour before.
  • Deryck asks: My main problem is finding a meaningful theme for effects in the first place, without which you cant even begin to start to write a presentation without. Does he cover that topic?

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    • David asks: Does this masterclass include any additional Lecture Notes apart from the Video lecture?

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      Customer reviews for Pete McCabe Masterclass



      This is where I should have started years ago. Almost every dimension of human experience is improved by understanding the power of language and nonverbal communication in conveying meaning to human experience. Pete McCabe provides the mirror we all avoid not wanting to look into and examine ourselves, flaws and all. Ultimately it is the most effective way of growth. Thank you Pete



      Wonderful! Really will help you improve your magic!!



      This epitomizes what the term Masterclass stands for. This is exactly what I'm looking for from my magic lectures. How to make my presentations more compelling, more targeted and more reflective of my values. The structure of Pete McCabe's lesson may be somewhat unique to a recorded session, but if you follow along and do the work he encourages you to do in time with the video, you will be rewarded with a new way of looking at the magic you buy, the scripts you write, and the messages you impart. Thank you VI for bringing us an important and effective series of lectures. Mr McCabe puts the class in Masterclass.





      Excellent class and excellent teacher! We all have too many tricks to learn but this class can help us present each trick in the best way possible for us that actually fits our performance style or persona. There is a lot to think about from this class but also a lot of exercises to help us improve each and everything we perform so it is better than the last time we did it.





      Just outstanding. So grateful you had Pete McCabe share in this format. He has such valuable insights to share, for magicians at every level. Loved his books, and loved learning from him in person. Please encourage him to pen a volume 3 of Scripting Magic. It deserves to be a trilogy. Kevin Swisher







      Wow amazing Masterclass! I was about a third through “Scripting Magic” vol 1 when I decided to join the monthly masterclass specifically for Pete’s class. The combo of the book and class is excellent. This may be the most important training for magic I’ve come across. Low quality scripts have always been my Achilles heel. I feel like I’ve finally found the proper armor. Clear, concise, and to the point. I really enjoyed the first class and am looking forward to the next video.









      This is exactly what i've been looking for. Pete's class has been great and because i'm currently working overseas I couldn't attend the Q&A live :( and haven't watched it yet but that's on my list for this evening.
      However the other two classes have been fantastic and as a hobbiest it helps me to think about my magic differently. I love to present magic in a way that invites the audience into the experience instead of being confrontational or a puzzle to solve.
      Anyway, this is my first stab at scripting a trick i've always wanted to do but never had a presentation that felt right.
      I give you, thanks in Part to Pete McCabe The Legend of the Ghost Coins



      Very excellent and worthwhile Master Class. I took Pete's 45 minute scripting session at last year's MagiFest University, and was glad to go in more detail in this Master Class. The main take-away is that your magic will improve with focus on what audience is experiencing and how to make your magic more effective. Specifically, to tailor presentations to your character, eliminate words that don't add value, and improve presentations through the process. The exercises and process of making scripts is a great habit I hope to continue to do after attending this classes. Be sure to do the exercises (and write your scripts) though to get the most out of it.



      Pete McCabe and I are roughly the same age. I read his first scripting book for magic more than 10 years ago and bought his second from Vanishing Inc. when it came out. The second had the workbook which was helpful. It is a different thing to see and hear the man himself. What energy and free flowing generosity of ideas. He makes commenting on others treasures seem effortless. I very much recommend this master class for the beginner and veteran.



      Scripting magic is a great class. It really makes me think about what I say, and helps me move from stock lines to patter that is more relevant to my character. As 1 example, he has a great depiction of how scripting can make a trick more interesting and reveal info about the performer with a number prediction trick that he teaches.