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MATT'S MATCHBOX MYSTERY Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $9.99

This takes the classic matchbox scam to a whole new level! In the classic Matchbox Monte, a matchbox is shaken and matches are heard inside, but it only works when the magician does it thanks to another matchbox with matches attached to the underside of the wrist. However, in Matt's Matchbox...

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World Magic Trick
World Magic
Trick by Bill White - $19.95

CD Contains:1. Munoz Mambo2. Geisha3. Battle for Highland4. Leprechaun`s Laugh5. Leaving Venus6. Eye of India7. I`m OK You`re OK Corral8. Sanni`s Dream9. Planet Jam10. Nature - What a Mother

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Pure Magic 3 DVD
Pure Magic 3
DVD by Fernando Keops - $35.00

Elegant, poetic and astonishing. These are all words that describe the magic of Fernando Keops. On this video, Fernando Keops' focus is on magic-but, as you'll soon see, it's magic created by an artist and that speaks to the soul. Even seasoned magicians will gasp at many of the miracles presented...

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