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Ultimate Book Test Book
Ultimate Book Test
Book by Luca Volpe - $95.00

Luca Volpe Merlin "Mentalist of the Year, Europe", Nostradamus "Best European Mentalist" winner and "Silver Star" recipient by the prestigious...

Celebridate Trick
Trick by Sean Goodman - $39.95

CelebriDate is a piece of close up mentalism, which could easily be used on stage as well. A diary is handed out for examination. Within...

Psychokinetic Time Book
Psychokinetic Time
Book by Banachek - $20.00

This is the effect that David Blaine opened his 'Street Magic' TV special with. In effect, he borrowed a watch from a man sitting in his...

Method Memorabilia Book
Method Memorabilia
Book by Steven Palmer - $65.00

Method Memorabilia is a collection of ten close-up professional performance pieces of mentalism. All the routines are direct, logical...

Mindsight Book
Book by Andreu - $75.00

MindSight is a mentalism effect and set of principles from Andreu. You will find an amazing solution to the classical 'which hand' effect,...

Big Bang Trick
Big Bang
Trick by Chris Smith - $70.00

Big Bang is the ultimate exploding light bulb. As of June 2009, we're happy to release the latest version of this heart-stopping...

Trick by Chuck leach - $10.00

This booklet contains Tips, Ruses & Routines for the Out To Lunch principle. Over a dozen routines that explore new themes for OTL....

Dictionary Test DVD
Dictionary Test
DVD by Max Vellucci - $35.00

The mentalist asks any two spectators to select two words at random from any type of dictionary. The first spectator is asked to write...

Memo Mind Trick
Memo Mind
Trick by Max Vellucci - $45.00

It is often discussed whether a mentalist should or should not use the classic deck of playing cards. This deck of cards is in fact...

Intuition ACAAN Magic download (video)
Intuition ACAAN
Magic download (video) by Brad Ballew - $9.95

Intuition ACAAN is a nuanced approach to a classic plot. It provides a very relevant and personal experience for the spectator that is missing in...

Beyond Fundamentals  DVD or download
Beyond Fundamentals
DVD or download by Bob Cassidy - $29.97

Bob Cassidy, who's act has been described as one of the most perfect in mentalism, has created a brand new, complete act he'll reveal to you within...

Dream Prediction Elite Version Trick
Dream Prediction Elite Version
Trick by Paul Romhany - $99.95

You place an envelope containing a prediction in full view of your audience. A spectator can hold or place the prediction on a table. (The...

The Book of Monkeys  Book
The Book of Monkeys
Book by Chris Philpott - $550.00

From the creator of The 100th Monkey ("Absolutely brilliant!" -Banachek; "Revolutionary!" -Joe Monti) comes an exclusive new book exploring The...

Sparks DVD or download
DVD or download by JC James - $24.95

JC James will spark your imagination and creativity with a series of impromptu miracles, using rubber bands, coins, cards and dollar bills....

Economicon - Book Test Book
Economicon - Book Test
Book by Al Smith - $79.99

You invite two people from the audience to assist. The two books, The Hidden Canvas and The Tenth Addition, are presented to the spectators, and the...

Heirloom Deluxe Emily's Revenge DVD
Heirloom Deluxe Emily's Revenge
DVD by Underground Collective, Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - $50.85

Whilst telling a story, your spectator is asked to use all her powers of intuition to determine the suit and value of a lucky playing card. You now...

Heirloom Wallet (Deluxe) Accessory
Heirloom Wallet (Deluxe)
Accessory by Underground Collective, Jamie Badman and Colin Miller - $68.00

This wallet which is also known as "The Shogun 11" Wallet, has had a lot of time and effort put into designing and perfecting the multiple...

Mental Die Trick
Mental Die
Trick by Vincenzo Di Fatta - $22.75

The mentalist lets a spectator examine a small cylinder closed on one side, its lid and a die, all of them being made of brass. This may also...

Zero Elements DVD
Zero Elements
DVD by Juan Esteban Varela - $59.00

Juan Varela presents his magic with 'ZERO elements': not a single piece of paper, neither a coin nor a match.With ZERO you will have the power...

Band Writer (Listo Lead) Accessory
Band Writer (Listo Lead)
Accessory by Scott Brown - $25.00

One of the greatest hidden writing gimmicks ever made. Be able to predict anything you can think of that can be predicted at a moments...

Band Writer (Pencil) Accessory
Band Writer (Pencil)
Accessory by Scott Brown - $25.00

One of the greatest hidden writing gimmicks ever made. Be able to predict anything you can think of that can be predicted at a moments...

A Piece Of My Mind Book
A Piece Of My Mind
Book by Michael Murray - $99.95

Piece Of My Mind is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period. ...

Get Bent  Magic download (video)
Get Bent
Magic download (video) by James Coats and Nicholas Byrd - $14.95

If you want to spice up your magic routines, or just add flavor to your act, join Nicholas Byrd and James Coats as they cater to all your being...

DVD by Nathan Kranzo - $29.95

Nathan Kranzo is a fountain of creativity and this lecture DVD highlights some of his most popular work as well as divulging some new gems. In...

Loxley DVD
DVD by Dave Forrest - $33.00

'LOXLEY' is a killer 'predicted card at number effect' with a stunning kicker! Effect: You send a picture message to your participants...

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