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The YN Wallet Trick
The YN Wallet
Trick by CHHmagic - $14.95

This delicate YN Wallet (Yes No) is a magical prop that allows you to make correct predictions. Ask "yes or no" questions, flip a coin, predict whether a card is red or black - the wallet does all the work for you! The wallet's material is artificial leather. Easy to...

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Cosmosis Wallet Converter DVD
Cosmosis Wallet Converter
DVD by RosenGadgets and Jim: Harris Rosenbaum - $27.00

Imagine, being able to perform thousands of different effects with just one converted wallet! Create beautiful levitations, incredible gravity defying moves, impossible balancing acts, and best of all you have instant resets! RosenGadgets (with special permission from Ben Harris, the original...

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Zed Wallet Trick
Zed Wallet
Trick by World Magic Shop - $35.00

IT'S COOL TO FOOL WITH THE OLD SCHOOL!The ZED+ wallet allows you to:Secretly exchange two cards in your wallet Swap-out written billets Exchange almost any flat object, including sugar packets, credit cards, business cards Make items appear-or disappear Create drawings or words to appear on blank...

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