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Illumino Wand Accessory
Illumino Wand
Accessory by Cigma Magic - $29.95

Magic wands have long been seen as an emblem of magicians for generations. But now, the old wooden magic wands are given a new life by Cigma Magic, and the souls will bring new life to your performance.  The high-power LED driven by a lithium battery allows for brilliant...

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Metal Crochet Balls Accessory
Metal Crochet Balls
Accessory by Bazar De Magia - $4.00

Metal crochet balls - the industry standard and a staple for the cups and balls performer requiring manipulation with magnets. These 1-inch metal crochet balls are hand made to the highest standards and known the world over as one of the best accessories for both cups and balls as well...

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Joe Monti Live Lecture Live lecture
Joe Monti Live Lecture
Live lecture by Joe Monti - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

A name that has resonated throughout the industry for well over 25 years.  Joe Monti is not only a stellar magician but is one of magic's most valuable consultants as well! With experience as head consultant for Criss Angel's "Mindfreak", Joe has performed for clients in 40...

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