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Mouse Ears Hat Tear Trick
Mouse Ears Hat Tear
Trick by Ra El Mago and Julio Abreu - $13.50

Here's a Torn and Restored Paper Hat routine with a popular twist. Instead of a bonnet or dunce cap, this hat looks like a black mouse-ear hat, just like the kids see at their favorite theme park! Ra El Mago and Julio Abreu have taken a classic routine and updated it for kids who love...

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Mysto the Mouse Trick
Mysto the Mouse
Trick by G Sparks Magic - $19.99

This is a simple revelation of a card or information using a little mouse.Mysto's performance box, Mysto the Mouse is 4 1/4 X 3 3/4 inches, cut from a heavy gloss black card stock, six 1 1/4 inch prize capsules with colorful balloons inside and two extra capsules. give away balloons not...

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House Mouse Trick
House Mouse
Trick by Duraty - $25.00

From France's Duraty comes this funny, magical, entertaining routine for children and adults alike! The magician displays four jumbo cards, each depicting a piece of cheese. A fourth card is introduced, depicting a rather pesky mouse. Somehow, throughout the the routine,...

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