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Micro Psychic Trick
Micro Psychic
Trick by Nakashima; Kreis Kengo - $160.00

Micro Psychic was one of the hits of the 2012 Blackpool Convention. See why Micro Psychic has received rave reviews and comments from Charlie Frye, Michael Weber, Gaetan Bloom and many other top names in magic. A spectator screws a nut onto a bolt about half way up and then you hold it at your...

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Micro Writer Accessory
Micro Writer
Accessory by Dave Powell - $12.00

The New Powell Micro Writer is perfect when you prefer an adhesive Boon-type nail writer for close-up or stage. The Micro Writer holds a replaceable pencil lead that be changed in seconds. You can perform mind boggling effects like revealing a thought of number or shape, predict the amount of...

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A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show Magic download (ebook)
A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show
Magic download (ebook) by Jonathan Royle and Alex William Smith - $20.00

Looking to build a show about psychic powers and their development? Then A Complete Psychic Workshop Style Show has what you're looking for. This pdf is 23 packed pages of a "Develop Your Psychic Powers" type of show. Included are the names of two publicly available book, one to use as a prop for...

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