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3D Rabbit Set Accessory
3D Rabbit Set
Accessory by Goshman - $13.35

Now you can perform the classic multiplying rabbit routine with a wonderful new set of sponge bunnies from Goshman.Comes with 5 "baby" rabbits and 3 "adult" rabbits with instructions written by Michael Ammar.

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Mr Rabbit Goshman Accessory
Mr Rabbit Goshman
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $5.50

A small sponge rabbit is placed into a spectator's hand. When they later open their hand, now there are two rabbits! One of the rabbits is placed into the magician's pocket and the spectator closes their hand around the other. Again, when they open their hand, another rabbit appears! The two...

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Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere (Ultra Soft) Trick
Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere (Ultra Soft)
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $2.75

Two foam rabbits are shown, the "Mama" rabbit is placed into a the spectator's hand, and the "Papa" rabbit is placed in the magician's pocket. Somehow, the "Papa" rabbit jumps into the spectator's hand! The two rabbits are placed back into the spectator's hand, and when the spectator opens their...

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