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Golden Shells Trick
Golden Shells
Trick by Shenzhen Jieli - $49.95

Made up high quality metal, gold color, professional, unique design and strong effect.The ball is ingenious design with seaming ports. Easy to do sleight of handCan perform anytime, anywhere, 360 degree angle.An instruction DVD will be includedFrom old street magic in Europe, with new appearance...

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P&L Billiard Ball Stand Trick
P&L Billiard Ball Stand
Trick by Zanadu - $449.95

Need a way to add some class to your billiard ball routine? Want to make billiard balls appear or vanish in a classy and most magical way? Then it doesn't get much better than this P&L Billiard Ball Stand. The quality you expect from P&L, there is something truly magical about this...

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Multiplying Balls (Vernet) Accessory
Multiplying Balls (Vernet)
Accessory by Vernet - From $16.00

The effect of multiplying four balls from the air is a classic in Magic, but it's also a classic of Vernet Magic. His manufacturer makes them very easy to see from the stage and assure a confident hold. With any of them you can do any of the classic routines with three balls and one shell. Enjoy...

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