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Mnemonica Book
Book by Juan Tamariz - $65.00

Before this book was released, Juan Tamariz's memorized deck stack, "Mnemonica" became a legend with card magicians throughout the world. Now you can learn why.In this book Tamariz reveals the complete workings of his stack, along with over 100 tricks that use it. So long as you invest the time to...

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Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture DVD
Juan Tamariz’s Second Lecture
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $45.00

One of the great opportunities you have at Vanishing Inc is that we can make specific, helpful suggestions to you. Take Juan Tamariz. Arguably the greatest magician alive, you have lots of options on how to learn from him.  The best is seeing him live. The next best is this DVD. There...

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A Book in English Book
A Book in English
Book by Woody Aragon - $49.95

Woody Aragón is an outstanding card magician, technical expert, and entertaining performer from Toledo, Spain. As a writer, lecturer, teacher, and performer, Woody has incredible insight and theories about magic that he shares in this book. The card magic in this book will inspire, delight, and...

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