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6 by Six Trick
6 by Six
Trick by Michael Muldoon - $30.00

6 by Six is a collection of card magic from Michael "Six" Muldoon. Included on this DVD are six effects you can do with ANY deck of cards, PLUS two bonus routines. You'll learn: New Found Blood: A multi-phase sandwich and coincidence routine with a killer ending and even includes 3...

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System 6 - Modern Triumph Trick
System 6 - Modern Triumph
Trick by Michael Muldoon - $29.95

Its finally here, the cleanest most visual Triumph yet. The spectator removes a card, remembers it and places it back. As in the classic triumph the cards are shuffled cleanly face-up into face-down. Instantly the cards are spread to reveal that all but one of the cards has rearranged...

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Modern ESP DVD
Modern ESP
DVD by SansMinds - $29.95

At Vanishing Inc. Magic, you know we test and curate everything on our site. So you might be wondering why we have chosen to include such a simple effect. If you watch the trailer, it's likely you know the secret. But, you're a magician! And we see LOTS of potential for fantastic presentation and...

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