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Mystic Frog Trick
Mystic Frog
Trick by Tim Spinosa - $20.00

Mys*tic (mis'tik), adj. The belief that perception goes beyond logical reasoning. Effect The Mystic Frog is a fun and entertaining magic trick where a cool little frog finds the location of a freely selected card. Your spectators will love jumping the frog from card to card, and suddenly the Mystic...

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Mystic Craig's Camera DVD
Mystic Craig's Camera
DVD by Various - $100.00

A Record of 20th Century Magic on Three DVDs! Over six hours of footage Three DVDs for optimum viewing quality Lectures and performances by Dai Vernon, Brother John Hamman, U. F. Grant, Jack Miller, Kalanag, Edward Victor, and Peter Warlock From the early 1950s to mid-1960s, Mystic Craig (William...

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Long Beach Mystics DVD
Long Beach Mystics
DVD by Mike Caveney - $20.00

In 1955, in the Southern California community of Long Beach, a group of young people started a magic club. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the lack of adult supervision, the young magicians thrived. The group soon dominated the young magic scene in California and beyond for 30 years. Even...

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