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Nail Puzzle Accessory
Nail Puzzle
Accessory by Premium Magic - $2.40

A pair of Nails are twisted around each other, and cannot be separated unless you know the simple secret.Of course you are not permitted to force the Nails out of shape, or straighten them.

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Plate Thru Wrists Trick
Plate Thru Wrists
Trick by Mr. Magic - $65.00

A frame and a plate with two holes are shown. The plate is raised and both wrists of a spectator are inserted in the holes provided in the frame. The plate is then pressed down into the frame. The plate miraculously passes through both wrists! When the plate is released, once again the wrists...

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The Nail Trick
The Nail
Trick by Dominique Duvivier - $450.00

What is more spectacular than doing a trick where you put yourself physically in danger? Despite appearances, this version is one the surest of its kind. You present four bases. Onto one of them a nail is fixed pointing upwards. Beforehand you will have the audience check that it is...

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