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Animated Deck Deck of cards
Animated Deck
Deck of cards by Tim Spinosa - $19.95

The Hottest Animated Trick To Hit the Market! This new animated trick has been taken to a whole new level. First of all, there are NO SLEIGHTS, so ANYONE CAN PERFORM THE ANIMATED DECK trick flawlessly with four times the magic! Effect The deck is shown front and back to be...

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Strong Box 2.0 Trick
Strong Box 2.0
Trick by Joe Porper - $250.00

You might ask, "Why a NEW STRONGBOX?" Turns out there are literally hundreds of the originals out there and Joe decided to try a new lock/unlock system, and it works and it is foolproof! Joe has revolutionised the standard Lippincott box to create a baffling yet practical box, which allows...

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Box Trick
Trick by Lost Art Magic - $40.00

The Box is a new collection of coin routines that we had the pleasure of seeing, and they're great! Okito Box magic is fascinating to audiences, because the Okito box is such a memorable prop.  Sinbad Max has been lurking in the underground magic scene of Beijing, China for far too...

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