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Jordan O'Grady Presents SNAP Trick
Jordan O'Grady Presents SNAP
Trick by - $28.00

SNAP is a perfect addition to the Modern Practical Joke Range by Jordan O'Grady. It's a gimmicked deck of cards. When your spectator cuts the cards, they explode with a loud BANG, surprising your spectator and audience! Use the SNAP deck in conjunction with your existing card routines to create a...

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Snapped DVD
DVD by Cameron Francis - $30.00

Bring a Photograph to Life and Removed a Signed Selection from Inside! The SNAPPED DVD includes two different approaches to Cameron's insanely commercial effect. Gaffs are included inside the box for 'SNAPPED' along with required cards and spare gaffs. The DVD also includes DVD-ROM content required...

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Snap DVD
DVD by Richard James - $50.00 NOW $22.50 (SAVE $27.50)

A chosen, signed card visually vanishes in an instant to appear in an impossible location! EffectA spectator selects a card and signs it. Go through the deck, take two other cards and place all the cards together. Turn their SIGNED card face up between the other two cards. With a SNAP of your...

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