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Folding Coin - Half Dollar - Premium Gimmicked coin
Folding Coin - Half Dollar - Premium
Gimmicked coin by Tango - $29.95

The magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for inspection.  The magician strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it appears to penetrate through the glass. Afterwards the magician can show that the coin is really inside the...

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Coin Table Trick
Coin Table
Trick by The Essel Magic - $11.95

A finely crafted, offbeat close-up coin effect that is simple to master. Introduce a small table and miraculously have three coins penetrate visibly through the little table. This is a reinvented gimmicked table from its original appearance in the book, Expert Coin Magic, created by David Roth....

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Camera Tricks DVD
Camera Tricks
DVD by Casshan Wallace - $29.95

Casshan Wallace immediately found worldwide attention with his rubber band effect Melting Point. With acclaim and buzz surrounding his YouTube and Social Media followers, the most common statement about Casshan's magic is: "That has to be a camera trick". Well, we're excited to say...

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