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Super Cup (Dollar size) Trick
Super Cup (Dollar size)
Trick by Johnny Wong - $145.00

Super Cup  is the most brilliant and multifunctional combination design of a coin gimmick and a magical metal cup, which contains lots of Johnny Wong's original ideas. Think of this as an updated, more modern version of the 'Stack of coins' trick. The following routines are taught:...

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Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin Sticker 20 pcs Trick
Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin Sticker 20 pcs
Trick by Johnny Wong - $12.00

Here's an extremely unique, waterproof sticker - it's a special magic accessory when used with an old Chinese coin. Stick this Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin Sticker on Johnny Wong's Chinese Coin. (If your coin is double-faced, use 2 different colored stickers - one on each side of the coin). It...

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Perfect Power 3 Trick
Perfect Power 3
Trick by Johnny Wong - $110.00

Johnny Wong is the creator of the neo-classic Split Coin and this version is his latest. Everyone would consider it to be a normal half dollar if they see from any possible angle. But it will soon divide into two coins once being held in the performer's hands, and then again there will be 3 coins....

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