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Phoenix Playing Cards

Deck of cards by Card-Shark
$5.85 In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
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Phoenix Playing Cards

5.85 usd

Deck of cards by Card-Shark ($5.85)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning

Printed at US Playing Cards on Bicycle card stock, these cards are designed for professional magicians who expect quality. The cards are punched differently to normal decks, meaning that they handle better (they are so nice that faro shuffles feel almost-automatic!).

This deck is intended to be the pro magician's working horse for a very reasonable price. Choose from red or blue when you check out. Also save money the more you buy; discounts automatically kick in when you buy more than four, and more than twelve decks.


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  • Steve asks: Do these match the double decker cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: In design, yes. In thickness, no.
  • Mark asks: Added 7 blue and 7 red decks to my card and price was still $5.85/deck. How do I get the mentioned quantity discount?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Thanks for letting us know. Our tech team will look into this, in the meantime please email and our support wizards will be happy to help.
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Customer reviews for Phoenix Playing Cards



Don't go anywhere without one, nice touch enlarging the faces of the aces, handle as well as all the competitors.



I like these. They DO Faro and Fan very well. My deck came with a blank face card, which I like. I also like the new style of Aces. These cards are workers for me, they handle well. There are various types of card packages available, so read carefully.



I admit, I wasn't expecting too much from the invitation that accompanied my Phoenix deck, to create an account to watch the free accompanying video. What was there to know? This was a stock deck, wasn't it?

All right, now I've well and truly seen everything. This deck is the product of dozens of small but significant design decisions, from aesthetics to construction methods to practical elements, such as the enlarged ace designs meant to be more visible in a crowd of spectators who can't all be right up to the performance surface. Everything about it was the product of a conscious, deliberate engineering decision. The video enumerates these, discusses them, describes the reasons behind these choices. It's possibly the geekiest thing I've watched in ages, and I assure you, I speak that word with palpable reverence. I will be very surprised if, a few minutes into the video, you aren't thinking along with me, "This guy really, truly cares about these cards. This project has meaning to him."

What cards they are. I lack the dexterity to faro shuffle, alas, but even in my clumsy riffle shuffles, the cards bend gracefully, then settle smooth and flat again. They separate easily but stay at rest until nudged. The pips and text are easy to read, and the jokers, facing in opposite directions, work beautifully for framing a card during a routine, or performing a "seeking jokers" effect.

I cannot emphasize this enough: register and watch the free video linked in the card included with the deck. There are so many more brilliant details hiding in that Phoenix deck, useful ones, brilliant ones, ones that further reinforce the care and thought put into their engineering...but these are for their manufacturer to reveal. You will want to take the time to watch the video and learn about them. Don't miss it.

This is the sort of quality and design attention I would expect from a bespoke, custom deck....a specialty deck, from the Marksman, from the UMD, from the Butterfly deck...something in that family of original, masterpiece decks. But this is really what the Phoenix deck is...a bespoke, custom...everyday magician's dream stock deck.

For $5. (At time of this review.)

So far, every Phoenix deck product I've seen has impressed me. I loved the Ultimate Brainwave. I was impressed by the marked deck, and I'm anxious to check out the S.U.M. deck in greater detail. But as much as these well and do truly impress me, I am even more impressed by the simple, humble, brilliantly-engineered basic Phoenix deck.

If you're beginning down the road of card magic, this is your deck platform. If you're a longtime Rider/Mandolin user and wondering why you'd want to invest in yet another deck platform, pick up this deck, and I think you'll agree that it makes a very compelling argument for Phoenix as a platform.

When was the last time you saw a company put forward its most affordable product as its flagship? The amount of care, time and energy that went into a feature-length video manual to the deck was entirely justified. Even if you don't plan to jump deck platforms, this deck's a must-have addition to any performer's card collection, and owning one makes the case for using one.



I love the back design. To me a great back design also look good from some distance wich these does. They handle great and has many great gimmicks availble. Nice price!



These are gonna be part of your EDC. This looks very similar to other decks so the spectators will ignore the back designs. This is perfect for shuffling and gambling routines. This might become your new favorite deck to perform with. On top of all of this, it's so cheap. These are my replacement deck for a bicycle deck.



These are gonna make you wanna get rid of your classic Bicycle decks. This is the best deck for faro shuffles. If you wanna go from new deck order to mnemonica stack. This is going to be part of your everyday carry



This is a great deck - blank face card plus matching jokers pushes it over the top (double-backer would have been nice too, but that's alright). The best part about this deck is its smooth handling. As good as the Bicycle Elites, which means these are great all purpose cards but also excellent for performing tricks. Get the blue version as well for color change effects.



The phrase, “never leave home without them” probably wasn’t created while talking about these cards, but it could have been. This deck is absolutely perfect for everything I need. It’s smooth, shuffles well, and the design of the aces make them completely stand out! I love these cards!



The design of these cards is absolutely beautiful! The back is classic but exciting, and the faces are exactly what you need from a deck of cards. The feel of the deck is far better than anything else in their price point.



One of the best playing cards out there! And yes, they are many playing cards to choose from, but Phoenix have been designed for working magicians. The colours, the design, the court cards but specially the handling of the cards are perfect for any routine you want to perform. 10/10.



I have Bicycle Elite, Richard Turner, and this pheonix deck. Although I am not a master on faro, but I think they all do pretty good job at it. I think the feature that make pheonix deck superior than the other two is the one way marking on both side of the card. The downside of the pheonix deck are the slightly higher price and the marking is built for right handed :(
Overall, I love the deck and will be using it as my main deck!



I have to admit, these cards are beautifully made. I use bikes for practice and goofing around, but these are only used when I perform. The feel and function are perfect. Load up on a brick.



I was not feeling these cards when I first saw them. The back design was just didn't strike my fancy. But I bought Josh Jay's color changing deck, and I thought I would try out some Phoenix cards. The cards as such high quality. They faro as advertised (well and easily). But perhaps more importantly, they have that perfect tension/snap to them. The quality is evidenced by how long they last. I bought a brick. I love these cards. My sincerest apology for judging these cards too soon. Did I say I love these cards? I do.

Phoenix Playing Cards by Card-Shark