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PM Card Mark System Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive PM Card Mark System
Magic download (ebook) by Pete McCabe - $20.00

Pete McCabe captured the imaginations of magicians everywhere with his stellar book, Scripting Magic. Now he’s back with a seamless, practical way to turn the deck in your hands right now into a marked deck; you only need a Sharpie marker. He spent a dozen years perfecting his marking system,...

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Designing Miracles Audio Book Sample Magic download (audio book)
Designing Miracles Audio Book Sample
Magic download (audio book) by Darwin Ortiz - Free

We are huge fans and appreciators of Darwin Ortiz's words and material. That's why we embarked on a "first" in magic: to make an audio book of his acclaimed Designing Miracles, to be used on your phones, iPods, in your car, or just about anywhere. Why should learning magic be relegated to your...

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Fingertip Miracle Magic download (video)
Fingertip Miracle
Magic download (video) by Alex Linian - $10.00

Ed Marlo created a stir with his Miracle Change, but again, the move is often bungled and rarely looks like it is meant to look: visual, with the card apparently changing without any noticeable finger movement. You just hold a card up and in a snap, it changes. David Blaine made it...

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