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Chinese Pom Pom Trick
Chinese Pom Pom
Trick by Mr. Magic - $12.00

A classic of magic! Two sticks are displayed, each having strings and pom-poms hanging from an end. When a string from one stick is pulled, the string from the other stick other goes up (and vise-versa)! The spectators are convinced that the two wands are connected. To their...

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Appearing Pole 8ft Trick
Appearing Pole 8ft
Trick by Wood Crafters - $38.00

The Appearing Pole is an amazing 8 feet long.  This pole come in a dark finish great item for any magician to have in their arsenal.

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Appearing Stripper Pole (with Base) Trick
Appearing Stripper Pole (with Base)
Trick - $58.00

Finally this CLASSIC effect is available again, of making a stripper pole appear. Great for kids shows and wedding events. Actually, this is awesomely bad. It's on this site more for our amusement than anything else. Who would buy this? We'll find out soon.

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