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Techno Pop Magic download (video)
Techno Pop
Magic download (video) by Jack Carpenter - $10.00

Jack Carpenter is one of card magic's best kept secrets; he is known in the magic community for his creativity and this release will show you why. There are so many four card productions around that it is hard to find one that really stands out. "Techno Pop" really does.

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Mongolian Pop Knot 2.0 DVD
Mongolian Pop Knot 2.0
DVD by Pop Haydn - $35.00

Pop Haydn is a six-time award winner at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  This is one of his signature routines, first created in 1968 when he was working as a street performer in New York City. It is eight solid minutes of amazing magic, comedy, and charm. This...

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The Secret World of Magic DVD
The Secret World of Magic
DVD by Ali Cook - $29.95

The Secret World of Magic features Pete Firman and Alistair Cook, ace magicians and good friends, as they lead us on a mysterious tour of magic from Last Vegas to Madrid, Los Angeles to New York and Paris to Buenos Aires. On Pete and Alistair's road trip, we meet their heroes as they reveal...

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