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Casanova Card Trick Magic download (video)
Casanova Card Trick
Magic download (video) by Ed Marlo and Jason England - $4.95

Casanova Card Trick by Ed Marlo, Explained by Jason England What a gorgeous production of four Queens! Easy to do, and practical.

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Thinking Inside the Box DVD
Thinking Inside the Box
DVD by Kyle Purnell - $29.95

Thinking Inside the Box is a wonderful new DVD from Kyle Purnell, featuring six routines of traditional magic. Torn-and-restored, elastic band and card magic effects are taught in great detail that will fit into your working set in no time. In this DVD collection of routines, you'll...

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Some More Tricks Book
Some More Tricks
Book by Anthony Owen - $29.95

Anthony Owen is the BAFTA award winning producer of The Secret World of Magic, The Quick Trick Show, Monkey Magic, The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe, Marc Paul's Mind Games, Magick, Thomas Solomon: Escape Artist and Derren Brown's specials and series'. He has also created material for David...

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