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Printing Coins Trick
Printing Coins
Trick by Ariel Carax - $60.00 NOW $27.00 (SAVE $33.00)

Some visual effects will always remain in the spectator's mind. Printing Coins is an example of this.Ariel Carax delights us with this innovative and clever work of art. A visual and innovative effect you will definitely include in your pro repertoire or in your occasional performance.The magician...

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Sparks Printing Press Trick
Sparks Printing Press
Trick by G Sparks Magic - $10.00

EffectA blank piece of paper magically becomes your printed business card. This universal paddle may be used to make any coin double sided, change the value of a stamp, change a gum wrapper from one to another, etc... You will find this to be a great utility item! Paddle Dimensions Approximately 6...

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Coincidence (U.S. Coin) Trick
Coincidence (U.S. Coin)
Trick by Kreis - $39.95

U.S. Coin VersionThere are four different coins (borrowed) placed on top of a small box. Also the box lid has four different numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4) printed on it.The magician moves the four coins to the four positions according to an order chosen by a spectator. When the spectator removes the...

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