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Professional Coin Pail Trick
Professional Coin Pail
Trick by Premium Magic - $49.95

The magician shows his hands to be empty and can even roll up his sleeves. He then picks up a pail from his table and shows that it too is empty. Now the fun begins as he starts producing coins from almost everywhere - from the microphone stand, table top, curtain or even some one's person! The...

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Morgan Silver Dollar Single Coin Trick
Morgan Silver Dollar Single Coin
Trick by Inc. Murphy's Magic Supplies - $60.00

This is an ungimmicked nationally circulated Morgan Silver Dollar Single Coin for your routines. It can be hard to obtain authentic silver coins to use for magic effects, so we've made these available for a price more attractive than you're likely to find in a coin shop.

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Aqua-Coin Flight Trick
Aqua-Coin Flight
Trick by Devin Knight - $11.95

A new and novel platform coin trick that is a real fooler! Not just for close-up, but an actual coin effect that plays big and fills the stage as they say. There are no gimmicks or difficult sleights. A totally impossible appearing coin flight under test conditions. All it takes is a bit of...

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