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Clutch DVD
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $20.00

“Clutch” is a one-trick DVD. And we’re careful about which one-trick DVDs we represent, because in general we feel there’s more value with multi-trick collections. But occasionally a product comes along that features an item so strong it IS worth the money, and “Clutch” is such an item. With this...

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The Crusade Book
The Crusade
Book by Atlas Brookings - $29.95

The cards rest on the table in front of your first participant, who gingerly picks them up and begins to count down to his secret number - a number that has never been written down, verbalized, or communicated to any other person. He counts down slowly, card after card, and then, abruptly,...

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Jeff McBride Live Lecture - Part 1 Live lecture
Jeff McBride Live Lecture - Part 1
Live lecture by Jeff McBride - $7.95
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Widely regarded as one of the greatest magicians alive today, Jeff McBride has done it all. From national TV performances to world records and his own school of magic, Jeff has succeeded in every aspect of his career and is now ready to join us for not one but TWO At the Table Experiences this...

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