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Random Thoughts Magic download (ebook)
Random Thoughts
Magic download (ebook) by Illusion Concepts - Devin Knight - $10.00

The performer informs the audience that, prior to the show, he jotted down some "Random Thoughts" and placed them inside an envelope. He shows the audience this envelope and places it in full view before the effect begins. Any spectator is invited to help. No stooges or pre-show work. ...

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Random World Magic download (video)
Random World
Magic download (video) by Tiago Manuel Da Silva Guerra - $9.95

Random World allows you to know the color of the cards that the spectators select even before they take them out of the deck! Created by Tiago Guerra and kept secret for 3 years, now he has decided to reveal this very simple but very effective method to predict the color of the cards...

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Visions from Vegas Trick
Visions from Vegas
Trick by Steven Gore - $88.00

Imagine that a travel guide book is chosen, and each page is shown to be different. You introduce a postcard and insert it into the travel guide and demonstrate how in a few moments time the spectator is going to arrive at 3 random words. You explain that you are going to predict their future word...

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