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Chan Canasta’s Book of Oopses  Magic download (ebook)
Chan Canasta’s Book of Oopses
Magic download (ebook) by Chan Canasta - $11.99

This book is based on a completely new and unusual idea. It contains a collection of exciting mind-reading tricks in which the Book itself...

Cheerful Conjuring Magic download (ebook)
Cheerful Conjuring
Magic download (ebook) by Dan Bellman - $5.99

A collection of original handlings for various effects. While most of the material concentrates on cards, there is also a section with some...

Chemical Magic Magic download (ebook)
Chemical Magic
Magic download (ebook) by D. Lippy Jr - $11.99

John D. Lippy presents a collection of experiments and magical effects achieved through chemical reactions. Includes the secret methods for...

Classic Secrets of Magic Magic download (ebook)
Classic Secrets of Magic
Magic download (ebook) by Bruce Elliott - $11.99

If there was ever a magic book that everyone should read, this is it. Bruce Elliott’s writing style is very readable, and his choice of material...

Club Magic Magic download (ebook)
Club Magic
Magic download (ebook) by Bert Douglas - $5.99

Illustrated by Sid Lorraine. A book about magic that would be appreciated by men- at least that’s what Mr. Douglas wrote in his introduction....

Coin Tricks Magic download (ebook)
Coin Tricks
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Osborne - $3.59

The Classics of Magic Volume One. A classic that is jam-packed with material including vanishes, productions, copper & silver, and even...

Collins’s Card Conceits Magic download (ebook)
Collins’s Card Conceits
Magic download (ebook) by - $3.59

Stanley Collins’s shares some his brilliance with the magic world by presenting us with Card Conceits. Contained within the pages of this...

The Complete Digital Precursor File Magic download (ebook)
The Complete Digital Precursor File
Magic download (ebook) by Ed Eckl and William Miesel - $238.80

Between the Spring of 1983 and the Spring of 2006 William Miesel and Ed Eckl collected some of the most amazing and astonishing magic secrets ever...

Conjurers’ Monthly Magic download (ebook)
Conjurers’ Monthly
Magic download (ebook) by Harry Houdini - $23.99

Conjurers’ Monthly Magazine was a magic periodical by Harry Houdini that only ran for one year from September 1906 until August 1907 as a competitor...

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Keith Clark’s Rope Royale
A practical and magical cut and restored rope routine. A...
Modern Magic by Hoffmann
Modern Magic by Professor Hoffmann is the seminal book in...
Contact Mind Reading
This is a book about real mind reading sometimes called...
Thayer’s Magical Bulletin
A complete file of Thayer’s Magical Bulletin. Thayer’s...
A Magician in Many Lands
Charles Bertram was the court conjurer to King Edward...