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Card Stunts DVD
Card Stunts
DVD by Gregory Wilson - $29.95

Card Stunts is our favorite Gregory Wilson DVD. It starts with a performance of Greg live in the close-up gallery at the Magic Castle. You see him utterly ROCK THE JOINT, KILLING the audience with some of the most commercial, visual card magic you can do for a small audience. The stuff plays bigger...

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Pyrotechnic Pasteboards DVD
Pyrotechnic Pasteboards
DVD by Gregory Wilson - $29.95

You want to be a great magician? Then watch Gregory Wilson work. With cards, there’s almost nobody more entertaining, more personable, and more amazing to an audience than Gregory Wilson. And the great news for us is that he is also a great teacher.

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Trickery DVD
DVD by Dave Forrest - $48.00

David Forrest is a rising star in magic and is creating quite a name for himself. He creates very visual magic and often twists standard plots in completely new directions. Trickery was his first major DVD project and while not his best production wise (although the production is...

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