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Egg Bag (Uday) Accessory
Egg Bag (Uday)
Accessory - $12.00

An egg is placed inside a bag which has a see through front, and vanishes! Just as suddenly, the egg reappears again inside the bag! The performer removes the egg from the bag and places it into his pocket, but again the egg jumps inside the bag! Wooden egg included

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Magic Castle Cards Trick
Magic Castle Cards
Trick by Brookledge Corporation - $11.25

High quality poker-size playing cards manufactured by USPCCAvailable in Red or Blue.

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Blue Card Refill for Refill for 18 + Trick
Blue Card Refill for Refill for 18 +
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - $15.00

Includes 12 sealed blue card refills for 18 PLUS.

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