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Twilight Angels Refill Accessory
Twilight Angels Refill
Accessory by Paul Harris - $10.00

10 red-backed refill cards for Paul Harris' Twilight Angels.

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Inferno Refill (cards only) Refill
Inferno Refill (cards only)
Refill by Joshua Jay - $15.00

Joshua Jay's Inferno was recently crowned "Trick of the Year" on the Magic Cafe, and people are using the cards until they wear out! So we're very pleased to offer refill cards.  Inferno does NOT require refills of any kind. However, like any card trick, lots and lots of use will...

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Go Change Refill Refill
Go Change Refill
Refill by N2G - $19.95

Go Change(RED) REFILLMore Creative, More dreamsContents:Card to envelopesAny card is chosen, signed & placed back into the deck.The spectator takes back the two envelopes.His signed card is found in it!ExchangeTwo cards are chosen, signed & one is placed back into the deck, the other is...

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