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Refill for Telethought Pad Trick
Refill for Telethought Pad
Trick by Chris Kenworthey - $12.50

5.5" x 4" sized replacement pages for Large Telethough Pad. NOTE: Actual Telethought Pad and Instructions NOT included.

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Telethought Pad Accessory
Telethought Pad
Accessory by Chris Kenworthey - $55.00

Technology at its best! Imagine Having a spectator literally think of any word, any number, any design, or any thought. The thought is written on an innocent pad. Now, thanks to the Telethought Pad you instantly know their thought. You and the spectator are looking at the gimmick at the same time,...

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The Rose Pad REFILL Trick
The Rose Pad REFILL
Trick by Martin Lewis - $30.00

This package includes a refill pad for The Rose Pad by Martin Lewis.Rosepad leaves the audience with the impression that you're a great artist but in fact no artistic skill is required and the one hand operation makes it easy to perform for either right or left-handers.This Refill kit includes...

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