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REFILL PENomenon Writer Trick
REFILL PENomenon Writer
Trick by Menny Lindenfeld and Koontz - $39.00

This is the REFILL for Koontz and Menny Lindenfeld's PENomenon Writer. It only includes gimmicks. The DVD is not supplied.

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REFILL XBoard Markers Trick
REFILL XBoard Markers
Trick by Menny Lindenfeld - $25.00

A refill pack has a great potential not only for XB, but also for other clipboards that use the same technology, e.g. AKA clipboard (by Haim Goldenberg), John Biss's clipboard, Kopykat & Clonepad by Lee Earl etc. Mentalists who own any of these mentioned clipboards, need and search for extra...

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Hollow 2 trick Menny Lindenfeld Trick
Hollow 2 trick Menny Lindenfeld
Trick by Meenny Lindenfeld - $25.00

If you thought Menny Lindenfeld's original Hollow was good, you're going to love "Hollow 2" even more! A card punched with a small hole is displayed, and shown on both sides. The performer then removes a magnifying glass and holds it over the hole to let a spectator have a closer look. While the...

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