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REL Change DVD
DVD by Michael Brewer - $12.00

Michael Brewer’s REL Change is a change of a single playing card that happens in a split second. One card seems to instantly melt into another. The entire surface of the card just seems to change. It's what real magic would look like. The REL Change has been one of our best-selling downloads....

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Swab Change Magic download (video)
Swab Change
Magic download (video) by Andrew Salas - $5.95

This stunning color change falls into the new and wonderful category of "no cover color changes." More and more, we see beautiful color changes that no longer require the shade of a wiping hand a momentary cover of the hand. This change happens in full view. Although it looks similar to Mike...

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REL Change Magic download (video)
REL Change
Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer - $10.00

When we were in Austin, Texas last year, everyone was talking about "the move." It's a FANTASTIC color change by Michael Brewer that we just had to see. Wow. Just wow. When you see the trailer, you'll agree—this just looks like a camera trick. What's fantastic about this move...

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