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Reveal Trick
Trick by Christopher Rawlins - $45.00

Reveal is my kind of thing! Bold, clever, low tech and 100% reliable! This goes straight in my professional repertoire!Luca Volpe The greatest clipboard peek...PERIOD! A thing of true beauty!Peter Turner "A cunning device which is clean, simple and perfectly designed to create a method...

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Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed Magic download (video)
Dave's Magical Mysteries Revealed
Magic download (video) by David Williamson - $15.00 NOW $7.50 (SAVE $7.50)

David Williamson is The Master. The Funniest. The Most Clever. The Most Skillful. Too bad he very, very rarely releases material. This is very, very exciting and, at Vanishing Inc. we are proud to have the EXCLUSIVE: a new David Williamson download on all his rarest material! When...

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Drop Card Book
Drop Card
Book by Christopher Rawlins - $65.00

We're thrilled to be able to bring you this latest release from Christopher Rawlins, covering an in depth exploration of a premise that has captured Christopher's imagination for many years. Back in 2010 Christopher shared his effect Drop Card; a routine in which one spectator thinks...

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