Magic reviews by andrew mansell

These following reviews were submitted to Vanishing Inc. by andrew mansell:

Methods in Magic: Joshua Jay Live in the UK DVD

This is a lecture designed to make you think about your magic. There's something for everyone and by lectures end you will already be thinking of how you can play with current effects to produce fresh new routines.

Loved discrete displacement and the 3 coin vanish.

Bluff Shift Bundle magic download (video)

I love all of these moves and they are so well thought out and useable. As a novice I still found these moves are not too difficult to perform. Thanks for the erdanaise(spelling) break its a ripper.

Very well explained and I am even suprised that the colour change is so much easier to do that what you would think given the clear explaination and goes very well with the revolve pass.

5 Stars!!!!

Thanks Vanishing Inc and Josh

Ernesto magic download (video)

Ernesto you a legend. Really fun presentaion and with some help from josh it is well explained.

The spread bluff is so clean it made me laugh the first time he explained it. The trick at the end is also a classic, very funny and fooled me completely, which isn't hard to do, but I feel I will be using it in no time.

I look forward to seeing more of your work Ernesto.

Thanks again to Vanishing Inc.

Swindle Controls magic download (video)

Well Andi, to think that you can make something look so convinving by actualy doing nothing, no offence, it just realy opens my eyes to how convincing something can be if rehersed and performed well.

I'm not sure how the more expirienced card handlers will like it by I loved it.

David your swindle was no less convincing and thanks for all the extra's. I will be sitting in front of this down load for a while just playing with the extra little bits for good practice on both controls.

Thanks heaps guys.

Master Pushoff DVD

Well done Andi on a great piece of work. I hadn't used a push off ever before watching this DVD but now I practice it hundreds of times a day. As stated in the DVD it is a knacky little move but the applications are almost endless. I can say for certain that if you don't use a double push off then after watching this DVD you will never use a double lift again.

Perhaps the most useful sleight in card magic and Andi is the man to learn it from.

Casanova Concept DVD

I can tell you know that this concept can allow you to perform real magic, or at least as close as is possible to real magic. If you do a card to wallet and want to super charge it and blow everyone away then this is the DVD for you

Cullology magic download (video)

Just a super download with excelent application for the cull. Well done Harapan this is right up there with Josh's work on the bluff shift. Look forward to seeing more of your work mate..


Revolver magic download (video)

Well I have to say I didn't buy this for ages because it looked far too advanced for me. Good news, it isn't at all.

The effect is 5 star and whilst te slieghts taugt are a bit rushed there is more than enough detail given to learn all the moves, so don't be put off by the other reviews. This is my first product of Gregs and it wont be my last.

His teaching of off beat and on beat timing is just awesome and that alone will make you a better performer. I performed 2 phases of this within an hr of seeing the download and it rocked.