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Roberto Giobbi Lecture DVD
Roberto Giobbi Lecture
DVD by Roberto Giobbi - $36.00

Don't miss the chance to learn from the very best! Roberto Giobbi is respected by magicians worldwide as one of the leading experts on card magic, he's also famous among them as author of the 'Card College' series of books. On this DVD, he lectures for a studious audience of magicians, performing...

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Card College 1&2 (4 DVD Set) DVD
Card College 1&2 (4 DVD Set)
DVD by Roberto Giobbi - $125.00

Ask yourself this question, and answer honestly: how many magic DVDs do you actually re-watch, and reference often? Not very many? The same with us. But a few “resource” DVDs are invaluable as a source to return to again and again, and that is the case with this lovely Card College DVD set.

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Favorites - Giobbi on Elmsley Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Favorites - Giobbi on Elmsley
Magic download (video) by Roberto Giobbi - $10.00

Welcome to the second instalment of Roberto Giobbi's "Favorites" series! In this download, Roberto explores three trick from the legendary Alex Elmsley. Roberto describes him in the introduction as an "inspired amateur and a genius thinker". When you see what this download has in store for you, we...

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